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Some media information for the month of March 2011:

  • Visits by logged on dentists: over 62,000 during each month
  • Page views: over 2,600,000 each month
  • Unique visitors each month: over 13,400
  • UK dentist population: about 20,000
  • Average time on site per visit per dentist: 709s
  • Average pages per visit: 40
  • Hits per month: Average over 6 million

All these statistics are verifiable, please contact GDPUK for details.

Some media information for October 2009:

  • Readers: 39,605
  • Page views: 1,179.069
  • Unique visitors: 7,847
  • Pages per visit: 29.77

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This site is a new home in 2008 for GDPUK. All shades of opinion, information and advice within UK dentistry are represented in this group. is for dentists and dental professionals to discuss all aspects of their profession, their practice and their business, centred on the UK. Subjects dissected have been diverse, from tips on simple techniques to guidance on buying major equipment, to discussions on the various practice management software packages, and of ongoing developments in British dental politics.

Moderated in Manchester, England by Dr Tony Jacobs BDS, the Group was started in Summer 1997, and continues to grow rapidly. Tony continues to work in his family general dental practice in Manchester. also publishes UK dental news, and has had many exclusive stories, as well as being able to publish the latest news relevant to dentistry before other dental news providers. In addition, in terms of reader feedback and involvement, when some publications get almost no letters to the editor, GDPUK has about 280 different members writing to the group each month, and they write an average of 2300 messages each month.

The group now has more than 2000 members, and attracts interest and sponsorship from major companies involved in the dental trade.

Readership is around 12,000 dentist hours per month [50,000 visits for an average of 13 minutes] and in 2010 this must exceed readership figures and hours spent of many paper based UK dental publications.

Advertisers can look forward to their banners being displayed thousands of times in a verified manner, to a targetted group of UK dental professionals.

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