Derek Prentice to be interim GDC Chair

The General Dental Council (GDC) has announced that Derek Prentice has been elected as Deputy Chair of the GDC with immediate effect. He will hold the post of Deputy Chair of the GDC until a permanent Chair is elected by the GDC in September this year. The permanent Chair of the GDC will be in post, when elected, until 30 September 2013 or until an appointed Chair takes over, whichever is the sooner.

Derek Prentice has been an appointed lay member of Council since 1999. He is currently the managing director of a consultancy company and previously held a number of executive appointments, including assistant director with the Consumers’ Association and president of the Bureau of European Consumer Unions.

Derek has also held a number of non-executive positions within NHS bodies and is currently a trustee of The British Home – which is an independent charity that provides specialised nursing and social care for people with long term medical conditions and severe disabilities.

Derek said of his appointment: “I am pleased to take up this position and I look forward to working with my fellow Council members and the Executive as we tackle the challenges facing the General Dental Council in the months ahead. We have a multi-skilled and talented Council and that experience will play an important part in our key role of public protection.”


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