Ian McIntyre loses battle for life

Ian McIntyre has died after a struggle against pancreatic cancer. His funeral will take place on Friday 20th May at 11.30am in St Peters Church, Kineton, Warwickshire. In a long career he rose to head the Defence Dental Services and was BDA President in 2003. Ian leaves a widow, Joan, to whom GDPUK offers our heartfelt condolences for her loss.

Air Vice Marshal Ian McIntyre was in the Royal Air Force for nearly 40 years. Rising to the highest rank for a dentist, he headed both RAF dentistry and dental services across all three services.

In 2003 he had a successful year as BDA President and, until he stepped down through ill-health, he chaired the BDA Benevolent Fund. Ian was also President of the AOG (Anglo-Asian Odontological Group) for some years.

When Ian left the RAF, he was appointed Dental Public Health Consultant in Warwickshire, a post which gave him insight to the working of the NHS. In addition as he said in it gave him ‘an insight into one of the unsung benefits of BDA membership — the fellowship afforded to new comers to a region by their colleagues in the BDA sections.’

He continued in this address: ‘Integration of dentistry into the broader NHS is very important in terms of how we think about dentistry, or rather how we must encourage others to think about it. It is still too often seen as an optional extra, detached from real health issues.’ He concluded by saying that the link between dental health and general health had always been central to his philosophy as a dentist .He quoted words from the Teviot Committee written sixty years before: ‘Dentistry is not an adjunct, but an organic part of health.’

When the news broke on GDPUK, many members posted their tributes to Ian which will be passed on to his family.


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