Government seeks views on red tape

The Coalition Government is pledged to get rid of unnecessary red tape. Despite some scepticism about this pledge, they are giving the public the opportunity to comment on unnecessary regulations and have created a special Red Tape Challenge website. People can make their views known by going to:

For the next two years Government Departments will have to justify every single set of the 21,000 statutory rules and regulations in force today. Only those covering taxation (which is being looked at separately) and national security are exempt. There are different themes identified every two weeks with comments on areas that cut across all industries being open for comment all the time.

According to the Government, the default position will be that regulations will be repealed unless Ministers make a very good case for them to stay. There is also currently a one-in, one-out policy in operation whereby if a Department want to introduce new regulations, another set must be repealed.

The British Dental Association is campaigning against red-tape in dental practice and has welcomed this initiative.


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