Shropshire dentist struck off

A Shropshire dentist who broke wind around patients has been struck off the Dentists Register for misconduct. The ban takes immediate effect. Matthew Walton, 35, found it ‘funny’ to break wind next to colleagues when they were trying to eat their lunch. The hearing was also told he also went behind the chair to make V-signs, as well as offending patients by demanding to see their cash before starting treatment.

Walton had denied many of the charges and claimed he had ‘inadvertent’ outbreaks of wind – but admitted a colleague once had to get an air freshener out to mask the smell. He claimed that his ‘juvenile’ behaviour was caused by frustration at work, but GDC ruled that he was frequently ‘abrupt and rude’ towards patients at the surgery.

Giving evidence, staff said they were so repulsed by Walton’s behaviour in the surgery they had to walk out. He was found guilty of a catalogue of inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour, including belching and breaking wind in front of patients and flicking V-signs behind their backs. The committee had also found that he was ‘routinely rude and sarcastic’ towards his dental nurses, and repeatedly exposed one to radiation by failing to warn her that he was about to take x-rays while she was in the room.

Announcing the decision panel chairman Valerie Paterson said: “The many aspects of your behaviour towards staff at the practice made it difficult for them to work as a team with you, and this was contrary to the interests of your patients.”


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