CQC Chief Executive Quits With Immediate Effect

CQC Chief Executive Quits With Immediate Effect

The boss of the Care Quality Commission, Ian Trenholm, has left the organisation. The regulator announced on June 25th that Mr Trenholm had signalled his intention to resign as Chief Executive ’at the end of the month’.  It is understood his last working day was Friday 28th June. 

No reason has been given either by Mr Trenholm or the CQC for the abrupt departure and GDPUK is unaware of one.  

Dental practice perceptions of the CQC vary.  Supporters credit the regulator with having given the profession a template of nationally recognised standards to keep patients and workers safe, ensure that all are treated with dignity and respect and deliver treatment in an effective and ethical way responsive to patient needs.

Critics, however, view the CQC a necessary evil at best whilst for some it’s simply an overbearing behemoth that has imposed tedious and costly workloads better suited to large organisations onto small dental practices at considerable personal expense to practice owners.

Mr Trenholm was appointed Chief executive of the CQC in 2018. He was previously Chief Executive of NHS Blood and Transplant, a post he occupied for four years. 

Prior experience includes working for the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs and the Royal Hong Kong Police Service.

Kate Terroni, CQC’s Deputy Chief Executive has been appointed as Interim Chief Executive. A permanent appointment will be made in due course.

Reflecting on his decision, Ian said: "During my six years leading CQC, we have made important changes to the way we work in order to help improve care and keep people safe. We are now in the final stages of delivering an ambitious transformation programme - this month saw the delivery of the last big milestone in a complex and challenging programme of work.

"While there will always be more work to do, the conclusion of this stage of the transformation feels like a good time to move on. It has been a privilege to work with such a passionate, committed and talented group of colleagues. I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved together, and I am confident that the organisation will continue to evolve to help support the health and care system to provide good, safe care for people."

CQC’s Chair, Ian Dilks said: "The Board would like to thank Ian for his contribution to CQC over many years and for leading us towards our ambition of being a smarter and better regulator. I and my Board colleagues look forward to supporting and working with Kate in the further development of CQC."

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