BBC's The Apprentice: Will Pudsey Dentist Be Hired Or Fired?

BBC’s The Apprentice: Will Pudsey Dentist Be Hired Or Fired?

Love it or loathe it, The Apprentice returns to our screens for its eighteenth series on Thursday 1st February, and this year a West Yorkshire dentist is one of eighteen contestants hoping to be crowned Lord Sugar’s next ’apprentice’.

Dr Paul Midha from Leeds, qualified at Sheffield University in 2018. Following a spell as an Associate at Square Mile Dental Center in London he is now the owner of VICI Dental in Leeds City Centre and Pudsey.

His practice website biography informs readers that in addition to being a passionate cosmetic dentist, Paul "is also an actor and has starred in a Disney TV show called Evermoor Chronicles as well as featuring in movies. He has also been on Britain’s Got Talent for body-popping".

On his BBC Apprentice profile Mr Midha states "After graduating as a dentist, I diligently saved a 20% deposit upon the acquisition of my first dental practice and invested every resource, leaving just £100 in my account, and dedicated myself to the practice. Over 15 months of unwavering dedication, the practice’s valuation soared to an astounding £900,000—an exceptional growth of over five times its initial value".

If he wins he will be asking Lord Sugar to invest in his product-based business plan for healthcare attire.

Asked about any failures, Dr Midha said ""Every setback I’ve encountered has, in hindsight, played a pivotal role in subsequent successes.

However, one significant underestimation on my part was the timeline for completing the acquisition of a dental practice, which took 14 months. While this phase was demanding, it offered profound lessons in resilience and adaptability, and ultimately made me a better businessperson."

GDPUK can only wish Paul well and the whole profession will surely be rooting for him. He will face stiff competition from the other seventeen candidates, each of whom boasts entrepreneurial credentials, several within healthcare and wellness fields. One of Paul’s competitors is  former NHS medic, Asif Munaf, who now runs a wellness centre.

Lord Sugar made a fortune via his business dealings, however, many of his wisecracks are more suited to Christmas cracker inserts than West End box office.    Expect lots of dental puns to be directed at Mr Midha should his performance fall short.  "You won’t be fixing my smile in this board room" and "you might be good at fillings but you ain’t gonna be filling this vacancy" are the kind of put downs that could slip easily off Lord Sugar’s tongue.  Let’s hope instead, that the profession’s aspiring apprentice is embarking on what Lord Sugar fondly calls ’the process’ well prepped to win the crown!

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