Greener Dentistry Recognised At FDI World Dental Congress

Greener Dentistry Recognised At FDI World Dental Congress

Environmental, or ’green’ issues, are seldom far from the news headlines.  Whether it’s Uxbridge electors rejecting the London Mayor’s controversial ’ULEZ’ scheme or campaigners blaming ’global warming’ caused by human behaviour for droughts and floods, there’s no escaping the messaging.

Nor is dentistry immune.  Dr Davinder Raju, Lead Dentist at Dove Holistics Dental Centre in Bognor Regis, West Sussex has long been concerned about the sustainability of the environment and how dental practices can minimise any harmful contributions. 

On his website Raju says "For some time, I was worried about the environmental impact of my dentistry. Although I was looking after the oral healthcare needs of my patients, I was, paradoxically, also aware of the harm my care was causing to the environment. So, in 2017, to help ease my conscience, I built an eco-friendly dental practice to help mitigate those impacts".

Not content to be pursuing ’best practice’ at his own workplace, Davinder used spare time released by the 2020 Covid lockdown to consider how the wider dental community could learn to improve its environmental footprint and the result was Greener Dentistry, an accreditation programme for dental practices wishing to consolidate their green credentials

Now, Dr Raju’s brainchild has enjoyed international recognition, being referenced in a talk on sustainability at the FDI World Congress in Sydney. The package of resources that members of Greener Dentistry can access was outlined in a presentation on the main scientific agenda by Michael Fahey, Henry Schein’s Commercial Director.

Mr Fahey demonstrated the measures that the dental profession and industry can implement to enhance their environmental sustainability.  He highlighted the Greener Dentistry toolbox – the web-based package of measures which practices can implement – together with its certification scheme, which enables dental practices to raise awareness of their commitment to being socially and environmentally responsible.

Davinder Raju was among a group of pro-environmental individuals interviewed by Michael for his talk “Partnering with Industry to Support Sustainable Dentistry."  The intention of his presentation, Mr Fahey said, was to provide very practical ways that dental practices can reduce their impact and environmental footprint.

Delighted to be canvassed for his thoughts, Davinder Raju said: “I am delighted that Greener Dentistry was namechecked at such a prestigious event at which around 10,000 dental professionals from around the world were gathered – this is outstanding recognition. 

My aim is to make a difference, and to help as many colleagues as possible who want to get on board with changing the way they work in the interests of the environment.”

Greener Dentistry was launched in 2020. The toolkit is available via its web-based app and is based around Davinder’s journey when he established his own sustainable practice in 2017.

For more information on Greener Dentistry see


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