AI-Driven Dentistry Software Developer Scoops £2M Investment

AI-Driven Dentistry Software Developer Scoops £2M Investment

As the government’s spotlight shifts from rebuilding the north to stopping boats, the so-called ‘Northern Powerhouse’ seldom features in news headlines.  But in dentistry at least, a substantial  investment is being made into a cutting-edge northern company that specialises in developing AI-driven products to create a full ‘digital pathway’ for dentists and their patients worldwide.

Founded in 2020, Mimetrik Solutions Limited is a spin-out from the University of Leeds and builds on more than a decade of world-leading research at the University’s School of Dentistry.  Its co-founder and CEO Dr Alyn Morgan is a well-known and respected clinician.

The company has developed 3D-scanning technology that uses machine learning to generate fully digitised images of a patient’s dentition and facial structure.

Its aim is to create a full ‘digital pathway’ between dental labs and clinicians for the benefit of patients, replacing the costly, time-intensive current approach of creating physical models of each patient’s dentition, enabling more accurate and faster treatment.

£2M of ‘seed funding’ for Mimetrik’s project has been led by Northern Gritstone.  An investment company launched in 2021 by the Universities of Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield, Northern Gritstone supports the commercialisation of academic spin-outs and IP-rich businesses based in the North of England.

Angel investors with decades of experience of the dental industry are also participating.

With a new generation of dentists entering the profession who are more accustomed to using technology when providing dental care, it is predicted that the digital dentistry market will almost double in size to $1.8 billion by 2029 (Global Digital Dentistry Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2029).

Mimetrik ‘s products combine cutting-edge software, hardware and mobile apps and are poised to ‘redefine the global digital dentistry market, covering dental impression scanning, occlusion, virtual articulation, and restorative treatment planning.

A release by the company states that Its software is ‘primed to make significant advancements in preventative treatment pathways. Tackling the inherent limitations of current technologies, its solutions harness the capabilities of AI and machine learning to enhance dental procedures, improve accuracy, and expedite high-quality patient treatment.’

The founding team of Professor Andy Keeling, Dr Alyn Morgan, Dr Cecilie Osnes and Professor David Wood have decades of experience working in clinical dentistry, 3D scanning and computer science, as well as collaborating with global dental manufacturers and shaping national dental policy.

Dr Alyn Morgan, Co-Founder and CEO of Mimetrik, said: “With over 30 years in clinical dentistry, I have seen first-hand the time and cost spent on traditional techniques and I believe that our products have the ability to transform the industry and ultimately ensure better patient care.

Article Image shows from Left to right, Dr Cecilie Osnes, Dr Alyn Morgan and Professor Andrew Keeling.

Dr Morgan added “Northern Gritstone’s investment is a vote of confidence in our technology and we will benefit from their advice and knowledge as we continue to grow and bring our products to market.”


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