Dentist’s Bid for Bizarre World Record

Dentist’s Bid for Bizarre World Record

A great website, lovingly curated social media, and aspirational branding, have all become familiar tools in raising awareness of practices and individual dentists. But alongside Dr Mike Foley’s efforts to raise his profile, many look positively dull.

Arguably Tampa’s most eccentric dentist, Foley claims that he, “just likes to have fun.” Already featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! magazine, he is now aiming for the Guinness Book of Records. Foleys appearances in Believe It or Not, which deals in bizarre events and items, have featured two of his dental creations. These are a denture made with sharks teeth and what he describes as a “KGB tooth.” This is a false molar with a hidden compartment to house a cyanide pill, so ensuring that any captured agent would never talk.

Now, according to The Tampa Bay Times, Dr Foley plans to break the speed record for pulling a car by his teeth, over a distance of 30 metres.

The idea came after he had purchased an antique “iron jaw” once used by a trapeze artist. “I thought, Hey I’m a dentist. I can make this.” As Foley explained, the acrobats work does not require strong teeth to hang from the trapeze, but based on his experience, “it is the mouth that hurts.” At first he made himself a similar device to hang from his children’s garden swing. As he demonstrated how he pulls the car with his teeth to the Times’s reporter, neighbours walked by and waved. “They’re used to me”, he said, “They definitely see me doing weird stuff all the time.”

His collection of oddities includes a cast of what is claimed to be an authentic Bigfoot footprint, a 20 foot anaconda skin, a large fibreglass shark which he has retro fitted with genuine shark teeth from his collection, and other assorted strange items. He also paints, although using unusual media. Works include a local landmark hot dog diner captured in ketchup. His ‘Mustard Mona Lisa’ will need no further explanation.

During his interview Dr Foley admitted that using his custom made mouthpiece he can pull his 900 kilo Lotus over the 30 metre distance in 30 seconds. The world record stands at 18.13 seconds. “I have a lot of work to do,” he laughed. “I don’t practice a lot. It’s just something to do when I have time.”

Perhaps his practice website holds some explanation for his unusual hobbies. “Originally graduating from college with a degree in marketing, he went on to work for a marketing firm for close to a year. But something was missing from his life. After a lot of soul searching, Dr Foley found his calling in the field of dentistry.”


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