“It’s a family affair.” The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Conference

“It’s a family affair.”  The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Conference

The 18th British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) annual conference was held in Newport this year. It took the title “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.”

Providing not just education but a social occasion, the conference ran over a busy three days. A wide ranging group of speakers covered a huge range of material from rubber dam application to smile design, over three busy days. Perhaps the most intriguingly titled session was “Case Series of One: Don’t Try These Things at Home.”

The BACD Annual Conference enjoys major support from the trade, which helps the organisers to attract a wide selection of well-known speakers. Boutique Whitening were the Platinum sponsors, with Wrights and DMG as Gold sponsors. There was agreement from sponsors that delegates were engaged and of high quality, and the social aspects of the meeting were also appreciated. As delegate Dr David Watson commented, “I have been a member of the BACD for about 15 years and the greatest benefit has always been the networking and the access to people – they are my dental family.”

An important part of the BACD annual conference is the AGM. This year Gina Vega and Sheila Nguyen were elected as members of the board, and new committee members were also chosen.

The Academy offers accreditation and welcomed three new members to this exclusive group. BACD accreditation involves the anonymous submission of clinical cases of before and after pictures. There is then a viva examination where candidates are asked to produce a treatment plan following a diagnosis, and answer questions from examiners about treatment methods chose, and materials used. The arrival of Thomas Sealy, Dipesh Parmar, and Richard Coates, brings the number of accredited dentists to 15.

It is no accident that technicians feature strongly on the list of conference speakers. The Academy has always recognised the indispensable part that technicians play in delivering cosmetic excellence, and also offers them an accreditation programme.

The 2023 conference, “New Horizons” is set for 9th – 11th November and will be held in London.


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