And In Other Dental News…

And In Other Dental News…

UK dental professionals are rightly all very much focussed on their care of patients and the state of dentistry at home, but what happens in the world of dentistry overseas?

GDPUK presents the first of an occasional look at dentistry abroad…


If you think patients can sometimes get a little miffed by waiting times, spare a thought for Ajay Ghosh, a dentist who practises in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The Times of India reported that the 52-year-old dental clinic owner was stabbed three times by a patient who demanded that he jumped the queue of patients who were waiting in his clinic, because of severe pain in his tooth.

Dr Ghosh reportedly refused to examine the 24-year-old, named only as Zubair, telling his assailant that he had to wait his turn and there were several patients before him.

The Times of India said “This led to an argument between the two. Zubair took out a knife and allegedly stabbed Ghosh thrice in the neck and hands.”

Dr Ghosh was admitted to a community health centre in Dadri and was said to be out of danger.

The Times said local police reported that Zubair has been “Booked under section 307 (attempt to murder).”

Meanwhile in Canada…

A dental clinic in Ontario has introduced a new payment option for its patients – cryptocurrency.

The website says Southdown Dental, a clinic in Mississauga “Will take digital money for any procedure, from regular checkups to children’s braces.”

The website said the dental clinic is stepping into the crypto world to address a “growing positive sentiment towards cryptocurrency” after the clinic’s  management noted the increased use of digital coins in Canada’s consumer and services industry.

A press release by Southdown Dental said in a press release that cryptocurrency offers users autonomy, reduces transaction fees, and facilitates quick and easy payments.

The clinic, established in 1989, is said to take pride in being an “early adopter of innovations” in the dental field. said “The dental centre also admitted that many patients don’t have full coverage for some of the more expensive procedures. And in these unpredictable times, the clinic says, they might want to keep their cash in their bank accounts and spend some of their crypto holdings instead.”

The Daily Hive (Toronto), quoting  Coinmap data, reported Downtown Dental Hygiene Clinic in Toronto also accepts cryptocurrency.

Borneo - Dental have different problems accessing dental care…

A letter to the Borneo Bulletin outlined difficulties experienced by dental patients on the Southeast Asian island.

Mr Bob’ wrote to the news outlet criticising a “Questionable policy governing dental clinics in the country.”

The island’s dental clinics are following Borneo’s dental clinic  ‘Turnkey policy.’  The policy is designed to ensure patients don’t “Jump ship” to another clinic.

But a concerned Mr Bob wrote “My friend’s daughter had been seeing a dentist for braces maintenance for a while now. But, recently, the clinic abruptly ceased operations, which forced her to look for a replacement dentist.”

“However, what seemed like a straightforward plan turned out unnecessarily complicated.”

“All the dentists she’s approached so far have turned her down, with many advising her to go back to the dentist that put the braces on, due to the turnkey solution policy in place.”

My friend is growing worried as his daughter has been experiencing discomfort as she hasn’t had any maintenance work done on her braces for over a month. The only hope left is for the clinic to re-open in the near future, so she could continue treatment.”

“The policy…“Has failed to consider unforeseen circumstances. In the case of my friend’s daughter, who has been forced into the current situation, it has brought a considerable amount of stress.”

And finally – only in America…

HBO Max’s Friends special reunion ignited speculation on social media after it was noted by fans that actor Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing in the series, appeared to be slurring during the reunion episode.

The actor has endured much publicity in the past around his self-acknowledged drug use, thus fuelling the recent speculation.

The Independent wrote “In a 2013 interview, he told People I had a big problem with alcohol and pills and I couldn’t stop. Eventually things got so bad that I couldn’t hide it, and then everybody knew.’”

The Independent reported “Amid the reunion’s release this week, Perry prompted concern from fans who commented that he appeared to be “dazed” and looked “unwell.”

“But an explanation for the apparent ‘slurring’ was offered by a  source close to the 51-year-old star.”

“The actor needed emergency dental surgery hours before the interview was due to take place,” the Independent reported.


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