Practice Committed To The NHS, Forced To Close Temporarily

Practice Committed To The NHS, Forced To Close Temporarily

A dental practice has been formally asked to close after a small outbreak of COVID-19 was thought to be associated with the £1.35 million practice.

West End Dental, based in Aberdeen, was asked to close by a pandemic incident management team (IMT) after a “Small number of cases” was found to be associated with the Great Western Road practice.

A spokesperson for the IMT told the Aberdeen Evening Express ““NHS Grampian, the Health and Safety Executive and Aberdeen City Council’s Protective Services, have formally asked the independent West End Dental Practice to close following an outbreak of Covid-19 associated with the facility.”

The newspaper reported “Contact tracing is currently ongoing, with the closure of the practice requested “to protect public health and allow further investigations to take place.”

“An IMT has been formed to examine a small number of cases of Covid-19 associated with the facility.”

The spokesman continued “Our advice to residents in Grampian continues to be to have high vigilance for symptoms. If you have a continuous cough, fever or loss of taste or smell you should book a PCR test immediately and isolate, along with your household.

The temporary closure will be a blow to the City’s NHS dental patients. Aberdeen has a population of over 207,000.

The introduction on the practice website says “Many dental practices in Aberdeen begin as NHS and then switch over to being Private. Here at West End Dental, we promise to ALWAYS remain a NHS practice.”

“We will always maintain and continue to improve our high standards so that we can provide our patients with the best dental care.”

“Health and safety is a top priority for us here at West End Dental. We will always follow and implement government guidelines and regulations to ensure that whenever you are having treatment it will be carried out in the safest of environments.”

“From day one we have worked closely with Grampian PCT in order to make sure we deliver a state-of-the-art surgery that meets the highest expectations. From infection control to sterilisation, you and your family can have peace of mind in knowing that West End Dental is at the very forefront of meeting new and existing NHS guidelines.”

The BBC News website reported the IMT as saying  “The closure of the practice was to protect the public and said that residents should be vigilant when it comes to Covid symptoms.”


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