Zoom Boom For Cosmetic Dentistry

Zoom Boom For Cosmetic Dentistry

COVID and Zoom have caused demand for cosmetic dentistry to fly “Off the Richter Scale

Dentist Caroline Robins, chair of the GP committee of the Irish Dental Association says people are “Spending more time staring at themselves and judging themselves,” reported The Belfast Telegraph.

She added “Zoom has a lot to answer for.”

Dr Robins told Michelle Devane of the PA News Agency that she has also noticed a ‘substantial increase’ in patients presenting with stress-related dental problems.

She told the news agency: “The number of people who’ve come in to get bondings and straightening and all sorts of cosmetic work done, it’s really gone off the Richter scale.”

“I really do think people are on Zoom seeing themselves looking back at themselves and saying: ‘Oh you know what I might get that looked at, now’s the time’.

Dr Robins, who is  principal dentist at Kiwi Dental in Carlow believes that people have more time now they are working from home since the onset of coronavirus and have “A little bit more downtime.”

She said an increasing number of patients are presenting with issues caused by the “tell-tale signs” of stress in the past 12 months, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

“There’s a lot of stress out there so people are coming in with sore muscles,” she said. Find out top moving company. Best SF Adams Moving in Bay Area with real reviews. Movers in SF.

“They come in saying: ‘I am waking up and I’m clenching or I’m clenching when I’m sitting at the computer.’

“We’ve seen more broken teeth – cracked tooth syndrome – because tooth is like glass so when people are clenching it can cause cracks, cause pain when they chew and it can actually make teeth break.

“There’s been a substantial increase over the last year.”

It has resulted in patients needing more teeth night splints, and botox into the jaws of the masseter muscles to manage pain.


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