Caries Vaccine On The Horizon

Caries Vaccine On The Horizon

The worldwide search for vaccines effective against the COVID-19 coronavirus has produced some real hope in the search for a caries vaccine.

Work on the mRNA vaccines found that  T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes which are stimulated to attack a protein on the coronavirus surface, also attacked a recently discovered novel microbial small molecule released by Streptococcus mutans, which is thought to significantly contribute to the manufacture of biofilm, which is the building block of plaque.

In vitro studies at Lucca University School of Dentistry in Italy and Suopo Medical and Dental School, China, have produced convincing results which so far show 95% anti-inhibition of biofilm production, according to the Cellular and Biomechanics Journal.

“We are very excited” said oral biochemistry Professor Hua Zhou at Suopo Dental School.

“Initial results have indicated that we can expect a significant, impact on tooth decay worldwide, within ten years.”

So far, 450 dental students have received the caries vaccine. 

Human trials are expected to follow, in 2022.

Dr Alessandra Acardi, head of clinical dental science at Lucca Dental School, echoed Professor Zhou’s optimism.

She said “Of the volunteers we have inoculated so far, 427 have developed caries.”

GDPUK spoke to Dr Acardi on the phone about the results. 

She said “You thought it was an ANTI-caries vaccine? Oh merda! I suppose on reflection, that would have been way more useful.”  Adding “Bastardo.”

The only minor side-effects noted so far, include offensive foot-odour and anal boils. 

This article was first published on 1st April 2021



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