Dentists honoured in New Year list

Dentists honoured in New Year list

Six dentists appear in the 2021 New Year Honours list which names hundreds of people for their work in the Covid pandemic. They are Professor Barbara Chadwick, Kenneth Macdonald, Satyesh Parmar, Heather Pope and Asha Thomson. All were appointed MBE, with a BEM for David Scrafton.

On the list there were 1,239 Recipients, of whom 803 were recognised for work in their communities. The dentists were:

Professor Barbara Lesley Chadwick, Professor of Paediatric Dentistry and Director, Education and Students School of Dentistry, Cardiff University. For services to Paediatric Dental Health

Kenneth Neil Macdonald
For voluntary service to Dentistry and Dental Training Abroad

Satyesh Parmar, Consultant Surgeon, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.
For services to Oral and Maxillofacial Cancer Surgery

Heather Pope, Clinical Director for Dental Services, East Cheshire NHS Trust.
For services to Dental Treatment for the Vulnerable

Dr Asha Thomson, Speciality Dentist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Senior Clinical Leadership Fellow East Anglia NHS England and Senior Clinical Teacher in Oral Surgery, Kings College Hospital London. For services to the NHS, particularly during the Covid-19 Response

David Scrafton. Dentist in South Shields, Tyne & Wear, B E M for services to Scouting.

Congratulations from GDPUK to these colleagues and to any we may not yet know.


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