BDA board election results published

BDA board election results published

The following have been elected by postal ballot to seats on the BDA board

  • Eastern: Jason Stokes
  • North West: John Edwards
  • West Midlands: Eddie Crouch
  • Wales: Tim Harker
  • UK-wide: Tony Kilcoyne and Lauren Harrhy

The results for the BDA board (Principal Executive Committee) elections for the 2021-23 triennium are now in:

New PEC members will take up their mandate on 1 January 2021 alongside the other sitting members.

Anthony Kilcoyne
The BDA members have spoken....
Dear All,

Can I just formally thank all those who voted for me to return to the BDA PEC Board after my resignation regarding serious concerns raised, now with a very clear mandate, where the members gave me the highest number of votes for a UK seat.

That may not be so obvious from the official BDA press release.....

Yours gratefully,



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