COVID-19: Update: Week ending July 3

COVID-19: Update: Week ending July 3

The BDA has had a busy week, both in the media and updating members on developments across the UK. However they are still awaiting a reply to GDPC Chair’s letter expressing his ‘considerable concern and disappointment’ at the ongoing delays in addressing a number of key NHS contractual issues relating to the pandemic period. Plus answers are needed on the 60 minute fallow time following treatments.

To keep up to date with developments from the BDA, dentists should visit their Coronavirus update page[i], which is available to all whether or not they are members and is continuously revised.

The BDA have been speaking to national and local media to represent members and their interests. Thursday night’s edition of Newsnight highlighted the problems dentists and patients are facing even with the resumption of dental care in England. The report highlighted the issues in West Yorkshire, where provision, even before coronavirus, wasn’t meeting demand. 

England: Associates in disputes over NHS payments

The BDA has been trying to get action from NHS England on associates with concerns about not receiving previous NHS earnings, or indeed having their contract terminated. In late March the BDA secured commitment from NHS England that practice owners would be required to ensure that all staff including associates, non-clinical and others continue to be paid at previous levels.

“We know that the vast majority of contract holders have done the right thing and continued to make payments to associates and other staff. Some pay disputes have been resolved fairly but many are now stuck awaiting a framework to enforce action,” the BDA says continuing:

“To address the issue we proposed a temporary legislative solution to ensure that we were able to use more than words to influence a practice owner not making appropriate payments. We know that discussions have been taking place with the Department of Health and Social Care, but we’ve told NHS England we need resolution of this issue now so that we can make sure that all associates are treated fairly. Until we hear back from NHS England, our attempts to resolve associate members’ situations are hampered. Please be assured that we will keep up the pressure and update those who have logged cases when we have information. The moment we have a way forward we will resume this service.”

Other BDA updates:

The BDA has updates from around the country on the cases they’re making to government and how they’re fighting to make the transition back to patient care easier for all practices:

England: Dentistry is worth over £8 billion a year to the UK economy - so why has it been neglected? BDA Chair Mick Armstrong  outlines the gaps in Treasury support.

Northern Ireland: Dentistry in Northern Ireland is finally getting the platform it deserves. NI Director, Tristen Kelso reflects on the recognition of dentistry as an integral part of health and social care.
Scotland: At BDA Scotland they are tirelessly working to help members transition back into patient care. Scotland Director Dr Philip Grigor outlines three things we are fighting for right now.

Wales: Tom Bysouth clarifies how the proposed NHS dental recovery plan will work in Wales.



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