COVID-19: Updates from BDA, GDC and Government


At the end of each week, BDA chief executive, Martin Woodrow, gives an update on activity during the previous seven days. It is well worth a read to keep you up to date. The GDC has issued their view on: How we work with dental professionals. Government minister clarified that dental workers are eligible to be ‘key workers’ for their childrens’ schooling.


To keep up to date with developments from the BDA, including Martin Woodrow’s video message, dentists should visit their Coronavirus update page[i], which is available to all whether or not they are members and is continuously revised.

Useful links from the Martin’s video:

The GDC has said[ii] it ‘works extensively’ with practising dental professionals across many areas of its work to ensure key decisions are taken with the benefit of professional experience and expertise. The publication says ‘how this works in practice’.

Labour MP, Judith Cummins asked that Government[iii] if they will include dentists and dental workers as key workers for schooling on the website. Paymaster General, Penny Mordant, said that guidance on the provision of education for the children of certain critical workers can be found on the website and said it was already the case that dentists and dental workers would be eligible for the support if the role they are undertaking is required to maintain the UK’s health and social care sector.






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