Dental Protection indemnifies dental volunteers at Bridge2Aid

Dental Protection indemnifies dental volunteers at Bridge2Aid

Dental Protection is pleased to confirm that it is providing indemnity to several of Bridge2Aid’s dental volunteers for their 2020 training programmes. Bridge2Aid is a charitable organisation aimed to improve access to emergency dental care by training healthcare workers in developing countries. They have a unique approach that focuses on training rather than treatment and, in doing so, creates a sustainable solution.

They focus on training local clinical officers in emergency dental care. They already have basic medical skills and are effectively the GP doctors for their local community.

By training these clinical officers in emergency dental care, the work can continue long after the volunteers leave and can provide aid to thousands more people than the volunteers could ever hope to help with their hands alone.

Bridge2Aid has been operating for 15 years and is growing a newer sister organisation, Bridge2Aid Australia. In August last year, a team of Australian volunteers flew into the Tanzanian capital of Dar Es Salaam. This team included Dr Graham Stokes and Dr Kiaran Weil from the UK.

Graham Stokes said: “I am delighted that Dental Protection have been able to offer this support to Bridge2Aid. I have been involved with Bridge2Aid as one of their clinical site leads for 15 years. The clinical officers that Bridge2Aid trains to such a high standard are able to provide safe effective emergency dental care quickly when their patients need it most.

“I am also so proud to be a director of Medical Protection and Dental Protection and to help our organisation provide our members with world class, timely, high quality support when they most need it – so they can continue to provide their patients with the care they need. These associations with both Bridge2Aid and Dental Protection allow me to help my professional friends and colleagues continue to demonstrate the very best of our profession – caring for patients and training healthcare professionals where and when it is needed most.”

Raj Rattan, Dental Director at Dental Protection said: “At Dental Protection we believe strongly that risk management and education are amongst the key pillars for providing safe care to patients. With its focus on training, Bridge2Aid has similar aims.

“We also know our members do great work throughout their daily practice, and Dental Protection is here to support them in providing quality dental care to patients. This certainly continues to be the case when taking up charitable work. We are proud to be able to support the excellent work of Bridge2Aid by providing the required indemnity.”


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