Boris Johnson launches Conservative Party manifesto

Boris Johnson launches Conservative Party manifesto

The headlines of the Conservative Party General Election manifesto are: “Get Brexit Done: Unleash Britain’s Potential” and these themes dominate the message. They claim that “a Conservative Government will give the public services the resources they need,” but there are few pledges as far as primary care is concerned and no mention of dentistry.

The manifesto says that the NHS is ‘precious to all of us’ – especially because “it is free at the point of use and there for you on the basis of need, not your ability to pay”.

They claim the Conservatives have ‘confirmed’ a record £34 billion per year by the end of the Parliament in additional funding for the which, they say, is ‘the largest cash settlement’ in NHS history.

The manifesto says their core priority is to make sure the NHS workforce can grow and has the support it needs– in terms of numbers, training and resources. They will deliver: 50,000 more nurses, 6,000 more doctors in general practice and 6,000 more primary care professionals, such as physiotherapists and pharmacists, but no mention of any more dentists.

They say they will ‘improve staff morale’ with more funding for professional training and more supportive hospital management. They will introduce an ‘NHS Visa’, to make sure that those from overseas who want to work in and support our NHS are encouraged to do so.

Some other promises:

  • We will invest in preventing disease as well as curing it.
  • We will end unfair hospital car parking charges by making parking free for those in greatest need,
  • We will clamp down on health tourism, ensuring that those from overseas who use NHS services pay their fair share.
  • When we are negotiating trade deals, the NHS will not be on the table. The price the NHS pays for drugs will not be on the table. The services the NHS provides will not be on the table.

To read the full Conservative Party manifesto, click here.


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