Corbyn promises radical reform of NHS

Corbyn promises radical reform of NHS

The Labour Party has published its General Election manifesto promising, on health, to repair ‘our health services’, with their urgent priority being to end NHS ‘privatisation’. Our mission is to create the conditions to prevent illness and enable people to live longer, healthier lives, they say. They have also promised to provide free annual NHS dental check-ups.

The Labour Party manifesto says that the NHS is one of Labour’s ‘proudest achievements’. The right to free-at-the-point-of-use healthcare, universal and comprehensive in scope, is socialism in action, they claim. ‘A decade of Tory health cuts and privatisations has pushed our greatest institution to the brink. Our hospitals are crumbling, equipment is outdated, IT systems are inadequate and community facilities are neglected.’

They say: “Our immediate task is to repair our health services. Our urgent priority is to end NHS privatisation. Our mission is to create the conditions to prevent illness and enable people to live longer, healthier lives”.

They promise that a Labour government will invest in the NHS to give patients the modern, well- resourced services they need. We will increase expenditure across the health sector by an average 4.3% a year. “This investment enables us to end patient charges, guarantee the standards of healthcare patients are entitled to receive from NHS England, invest in education for the health workforce and restore public health grants,” they claim.

They will repeal the 2012 Health and Social Care Act and reinstate the responsibilities of the Secretary of State to provide a comprehensive and universal healthcare system. “We will end the requirement on health authorities to put services out to competitive tender”, they say.

They also claim: “We will uphold the principle of comprehensive healthcare by providing free annual NHS dental check-ups.”

The manifesto says they will invest in children’s oral health, tackle childhood obesity and extend the sugar tax to milk drinks. They will ban fast-food restaurants near schools and enforce stricter rules around the advertising of junk food and levels of salt in food.

To read full Labour Party manifesto click here.



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