Dental Assurance Reviews paused following BDA request

Dental Assurance Reviews paused following BDA request

NHS England has instructed the Business Services Authority (BSA) to pause its recently announced dental assurance reviews, following a request from the BDA. The halt to these reviews will remain in place until at least 22 November once NHS England and the BSA have met with representatives of the GDPC.

NHS England has confirmed that, to date, no contractors had been approached to participate in any of the reviews. The BDA was not consulted ahead of the announcement of the new wave of assurance activity, and this meeting will give the opportunity for the GDPC to challenge these reviews, which it regards as fundamentally flawed.

The proposed programme (2019/21) for these reviews can be found on the NHS BSA website:

The four claiming areas scheduled for consideration are:

  • A review of Band 2 and/or 3 claims submitted with the ‘Incomplete’ indicator selected.
  • A review of Band 2 claims with only Fissure Sealant indicated in the Clinical Data Set and no other Band 2 or 3 items present.
  • High numbers of Band 3 Inlay claims
  • Contracts with high rates of Band 1 Urgent claims that are followed by a Band 2 claim, where no examination is indicated in the Clinical Data Set.  

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