GDPC Vice-Chairs report to LDC Conference

GDPC Vice-Chairs report to LDC Conference

Following the resignation as GDPC chair of Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, after his election as an MEP, the report to LDC Conference was given by the two vice-chairs, Shawn Charlwood and David Cottam. Much of their report centered the little progress on GDS contract reform, but included recruitment and retention, Brexit, amalgam and patient charge revenue.

Contract reform

The GDPC is not optimistic that changes to the 2006 contract will be rolled out in 2020, more likely 2021. When it does come it will be a gradual process rather than a ‘big bang’. The weighted capitation model being piloted by the prototypes will be adopted. But decisions are needed by the Department in many areas, including the timing of the roll-out, which of the two blends will be adopted by practices and how activity is to be measured if UDAs are abolished.

More information can be found on the BDA website ‘Dental Contract Reform FAQs’

Recruitment and Retention crisis

A BDA survey shows 75% of practice owners find it difficult to recruit associates and 59% of dentists want to leave the NHS service or scale down their NHS commitment. Mental Health is a factor in this. However, the GDPC and BDA has a problem in trying to persuade the NHS England that the crisis is real.
The dental profession is mirroring the medics 5 years ago, which led to a recruitment push (which has had little effect however).  There has been a rise of letter writing from constituents to MPs, which ministers are beginning to notice. Flexible commissioning may be the answer with more UDAs being commissioned where there are local problems, or practices with problems.
Sustainability in general dental practice HTM 0105 needs to be challenged, costs and use of plastics are too high. Dentists’ carbon footprint has risen markedly. A practice produces 6 tonnes of waste pa, of which 80% is clinical waste.
Brexit So much is unknown. Future workforce planning must take account of dentists entering the UK. The effect of a no deal Brexit must be considered.
Amalgam phase down - This will happen in the not too distant future and the GDPC is working on the implications and its effect on dental practices.
Patient charge revenue – is another area where the GDOPC is putting pressure on the Department especially where the charge exceeds the UDA rate.

New chair A special meeting of the GDPC will be held at the BDA on June 19, to elect a new chair to replace Henrik.

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