GDC looks to reducing ARF with new strategy

GDC looks to reducing ARF with new strategy

The GDC is seeking views on its consultation on our strategy for 2020-22 ’Working with the dental team for public safety and confidence’’. working with the dental team for public safety and confidence’, its strategy for 2020-2022. In his foreword, chair Bill Moyes says that the overall decrease in GDC expenditure points to a significant reduction in the dentist ARF, and a small increase to the DCP ARF.

Once adopted the new strategy should mean that the dentists ARF would lie around the range of £730 to £750, and could be slightly lower, whilst the DCP fee would lie in the range £120 to £130. The GDC says it is their ‘desire’, and intention, is that the fee should lie at the bottom of these bands.

The strategy sets out a vision for the GDC to:

  • protect patients while being fair to registrants, cost-effective and proportionate: by focusing on education and engagement, supporting career-long learning and promoting high standards of care and professional conduct
  • work with the professions and partners to ensure that public concerns can be addressed by the right body, quickly and effectively
  • use evidence, research and evaluation to ensure enforcement is cost-effective and right-touch
  • ensure our approach to regulation keeps pace with change
  • continue to build on the considerable improvements we have made.

The GDC says: “This is a key moment for dental regulation and we are calling on professionals, partners and the public to engage and support this work.”

The consultation is open now and can be accessed on this page. The deadline to respond is Thursday 30 July 2019.


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