Simplyhealth Professionals to sponsor third season of Boundaries For Life

Simplyhealth Professionals to sponsor third season of Boundaries For Life

Building on the success of the past two years, Simplyhealth Professionals is gearing up for a third season of support for Boundaries For Life, an initiative that offers free health checks for spectators and ground staff at major cricket venues across the UK. Founded in 2010 by Dr Chet Trivedy, a dual-qualified dentist and doctor, it provides a valuable service to help users to understand their current health as well as any risk of developing health issues in the future.

The programme is made possible by a team of volunteer doctors, dentists, nurses and non-clinical helpers, who check users for signs and risks of health issues including blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, heart age, mouth cancer and obesity.

Dr Catherine Rutland, dental spokesperson and Head of Professional Support Services at Simplyhealth Professionals, said: “We’re delighted to sponsor Boundaries For Life for a third season and promote health awareness and the links between oral health and general health. The initiative provides an incredibly important free service to a captive audience who may not have seen a health professional recently and be unaware of their current state of health.

“We’re excited to be joined by our highest number of dental volunteers to date from Simplyhealth Professionals’ network of member dentists, who are all keen to help check users for signs and risks of mouth cancer.”

Since its launch, Boundaries for Life has carried out almost 4,500 free health checks and identified many health concerns as well as several cases of suspected mouth cancer – potentially saving lives. In addition, at the end of each health check, every user is given a detailed health report and access to an online interactive dashboard, providing thousands of cricket fans and ground staff with invaluable information.
Not only does Boundaries for Life provide the means to help users to understand their current and future health, the initiative also has the additional benefit of collating valuable insights into the nation’s health. Data insights from 2018 discovered that 34% of users were obese, 42% had a raised BMI, and 70% had a waist measurement that is considered to be medium or high risk for diabetes. Shockingly, almost half of users (48%) were at an increased risk of developing diabetes according to the Diabetes UK risk scoring system. Furthermore, one in four users had raised blood pressure, and 40% had raised cholesterol.

Commenting on last year’s data analysis, Dr Chet Trivedy said: “We’re proud to have conducted almost 4,500 health checks over the past nine years and reached so many people, but these figures highlight that there is still a lot of work to do. 2019 is a big season for cricket with the UK hosting the Cricket World Cup and the Ashes, so we’re hoping for a big buzz around the sport and even more footfall to the Boundaries For Life gazebo.”

Boundaries For Life will be at the following fixtures this season:




Saturday 4th May


Warwickshire V Lancashire Royal London Cup Game

Sunday 5th May


England V Pakistan T20

Sunday 19th May


England V Pakistan ODI

Tuesday 18th June


England V West Indies (women) ODI

Sunday 7th July


Northamptonshire V Lancashire

Friday 2nd August


England V Australia Ashes (2nd day)

Monday 19th August


MCC V Melbourne Cricket Club

Saturday 7th September

Old Trafford

England V Australia Ashes (3nd day)

Sunday 8th September

Old Trafford

England V Australia Ashes (4th day)

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