Reduced sugar Coco Pops are ‘tasteless’ say customers

Reduced sugar Coco Pops are ?tasteless? say customers

New ‘healthy’ Coco Pops are tasteless, say ­customers after ­Kellogg’s reduced the amount of sugar following government pressure. And despite the 40% reduction in sugar, disappointed ­consumers have noted the change has saved just one calorie per bowl. Kellogg’s are confident people will learn to love the new recipe.

The Times reports that previously, a 30g bowl of the chocolate cereal contained 9g of sugar and 116 calories. Now it contains 5.1g of sugar and 115 calories. The cereal company said the new recipe does not call for artificial sweeteners and instead uses a “more premium” cocoa.

However, hundreds of customers have hit out at Kellogg’s. Twitter user Peter complained: “They tasted so stale I had to check the date on the box, that is when I saw ‘new and improved’… they are so dead, couldn’t finish a bowl. No way I can ­finish the entire box.” Leona Gray agreed, tweeting: “I’m actually gutted at the new Coco Pops recipe. It just tastes wrong.”

A Kellogg’s spokesman told The Times: “We take our responsibility to public health seriously… we’re confident the small number of people who have commented on the recipe change will grow to love it – just like the millions of people who choose to buy Coco Pops each year in Britain.”


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