Doubts raised about routine scale and polish

Doubts raised about routine scale and polish

The CDO Scotland (@CDO_Scotland) has sparked a debate on Twitter reporting on a presentation by the iQuad team who found no benefit from having routine scale and polish. This echoes the findings of an earlier Cochrane Review, but has sparked a fierce debate. Scale and polish is the most frequent NHS treatment carried out.

The iQuad team (#iQuad) from Dundee and Newcastle Universities, relating to simple scale and polish, not treatment of periodontal disease, concluded: “We did not fund any benefit on bleeding or oral health of having scale and polish twice a carried out.year or once a year compared with no scale and polish for three years. We did not find any benefit on confidence or oral health behaviour in giving personalised advice over usual advice.” There is as yet no link to their research.

The Cochrane Review showed neither benefit nor harm for regular six or 12-month scale and polish treatments when compared to no scale and polish.

Link to Cochrane Review:

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