Enough is enough: BDA demolish case for ARF levels

Enough is enough: BDA demolish case for ARF levels

The BDA has said enough is enough, and challenged the GDC to live within its means, and to set out when it will lower registration fee levels which remain the highest cost of any UK health regulator. In a response to a letter from GDC chair Bill Moyes, the BDA has  demolished the regulator's arguments on maintaining exorbitant fees and excessive levels of financial reserves.

The exchange of letters (see links below) has been published and the BDA challenges the GDC’s claim that it must maintain its present fees and excessive levels of financial reserves, including need for continuously high investments to comply with PSA standards, uncertainties of the future and the non-disclosure of expected costs of some of the Shifting the Balance agenda.

The BDA has now made the Secretary of State for Health and the Professional Standards Authority aware of the GDC’s approach to keep the ARF at the current level so that they can respond to the arguments set out in the exchange, and reiterated its commitment to work together with the profession, in Parliament and the press to ensure the ARF levels are restored to sane levels.

Bill Moyes letter to Mick Armstrong – https://www.bda.org/news-centre/press-releases/Documents/Bill-Moyes-Mick-Armstrong-letter-10-10-17.pdf

Mick Armstrong letter to Bill Moyes – https://www.bda.org/news-centre/press-releases/Documents/Mick-Armstrong-Bill-Moyes-letter-30-10-17.pdf

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