Corporate closes practice due to ‘high running costs’

Corporate closes practice due to -high running costs-

A mydentist practice in Taunton, Somerset is to close due to ‘high running costs’. The practice team has written to patients telling them it will no longer offer NHS or private dental services after the end of October.  NHS England says the practice recently handed in its NHS contract and dental provision in the area is being reviewed.

A letter from the practice team to NHS patients says: "The reason for this decision is a result of ongoing running costs which has prevented the practice from operating sustainably. This decision has not been taken lightly and we are very sorry that we are no longer able to provide NHS dental services at this practice. We would advise contacting alternative practices as soon as possible to ensure you can continue to access NHS dental services after the practice closes.

The practice will close on October 31 and the letter adds: "Should any courses of treatment not be completed by this date, then treatment will be transferred to one of our other practices in Taunton."

An NHS England spokeswoman said: "We are absolutely committed to offering NHS dentistry to people in the Taunton area. We are working through the options for replacing NHS services at the … practice. For the long term, we are considering the options for the Taunton area. There are practices accepting new NHS patients in the Taunton and surrounding area.”


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