Nick Palmer, Editor of FGDP’s Antimicrobial Prescribing for General Dental Practitioners, says this BMJ piece reinforces the Faculty’s guidance for dentists:

"This will be nothing new for dentists. Our advice since publishing the first edition of our guidance in 2001, and in line with the BNF and scientific evidence, has always been that courses of antibiotics should not be unduly prolonged, because they encourage resistance and may lead to side-effects. Where antibiotics are indicated in the management of dental infections as an adjunct to definitive treatment such as drainage, the evidence is clear that complete resolution occurs within 3 days in most cases. We recommend that antibiotics should be prescribed where indicated for up to 5 days, with patients being reviewed at 2-3 days and discontinuing antibiotic use where there is resolution of temperature and swelling." has-had-i.ashx