Five dental names in Birthday Honours list

Five dental names in Birthday Honours list

The Queen’s Birthday Honours list this year includes Professor Nigel Hunt, Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery RCS, Serbjit Kaur, who worked at the DH under Barry Cockcroft and was responsible for commissioning guides and Linda Greenwall, secretary of the British Dental Bleaching Society.


Ms Dawn Ailsa ADAMS Clinical Director, Public Dental Service, NHS Fife. For services to Dentistry.

Professor Nigel Peter HUNT Head of Orthodontic Department, Eastman Dental Institute, University College London. For services to Dentistry and to the Specialty of Orthodontics.

Margaret Katherine, Mrs ROSS Lately Senior Lecturer for Dental Care Professionals, University of Edinburgh. For services to Dentistry.


Dr Serbjit KAUR Dentist, Leicestershire. For services to Dentistry.


Dr Linda Helene GREENWALL Dentist, Hampstead Healthcare Ltd. For services to the Dental Profession in the UK and Abroad.

Peter Martin
To be given an honour, someone has to nominate the recipient. That someone has to be credible to the awarding committee and so only those with some recognition by a known body (a local authority, hospital trust, BDA etc) can hope to be so rewarded. Don't worry Tony - a couple of years in BDA high office and your CBE will be in the post but it won't be because of your excellent patient care!
Anthony Kilcoyne
Queens Honours - where are the ordinary GDPs???
All worthy people being honoured I'm sure, but are they really saying centrally, that NO 'ordinary' hard working GDP on the front lines who isn't highly academic or worked for the Civil Service, isn't worthy of such a prominent award for the benefit to society they bring practically every day ?!?

Yours inclusively,



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