Open Letter to GDC from the profession

Open Letter to GDC from the profession

An Open Letter to The CEO & Registrar, Chair of the GDC, and the Council Members.

Dear Ms Gilvarry and Mr Moyes, and the General Dental Council members.

Today has been a landmark day for the UK dental profession.

It is now apparent that it is not only the Dental Profession that had doubts over the veracity and legality of the case presented for the increase in the Annual Retention Fee, but our legal system has also condemned the process.

This is in addition to the questions now being asked at Ministerial level about the problems behind the doors of Wimpole Street.

To Ms Gilvarry and Mr Moyes, as the heads of the now tainted and damaged General Dental Council you must both take full responsibility for the situation you now find yourselves in.

To the Council Members, your failure to call to task publically an Executive that has lost its way so completely renders your continued membership of the council untenable.

Never has a profession been so united against the unjust and inappropriate measures its flawed regulator sees fit to employ, its mechanism of operation, and the double standards from within which it operates.

Such double standards as the redaction of personal information that reveals the directorship held by Chief Executive on the grounds it has a duty to protect privacy since this might identify the home address. Yet the GDC fail to acknowledge that this same risk exists publishing registrants addresses without allowing any discussion as to their human rights privacy and considering an alternative. It is ironic, considering how easy it is to find details of the directorships held by individuals which then reveal the personal addresses, that the Council still believes you are owed more privacy than a registrant deserves because of the risk of publishing that information.

The double standards present when Council meet in private in a shabby and undemocratic manner to rubber stamp the ARF increase, and then pass it with the words ‘Are we Comfortable with that’, when we as registrants are expected to have full transparency and openness with our patients.

This situation can no longer continue. Not only has an entire profession voted ‘No Confidence’ in its regulator, now our Judiciary has weighed, measured, and given a verdict that is a final indictment of your leadership.

It is time for you to show some of the insight you so rightly expect of your registrants.

You fall far below the very standards by which you judge us at every opportunity.

It is time to resign.

This letter has been placed in the public domain for members of the dental profession to support by sharing on social media, by tweeting, sharing, or any other method of rebroadcasting it appropriately.

Yours Sincerely.

The Dental Profession.

A petition at has been started based on this letter. Click here to see petition.

Julia Payne
Out you go
I support wholeheartedly the view that Moyes and Gilvarry should go and the rest of them need restructuring with a sound strong new leader.
Dr Henry Fardell
Most of us do not want to be indicated as 'Wrong'.
Please would Mr Moyes and Ms Gilvarry raise their hands and accept their lack of knowledge of what we, as fellow professionals, may see as their misunderstandin g and lack of cutting edge!?

Tim Coates
Not just Moyes and Gilvarry, the GDC as it stands needs dismantling and rebuilding . As an organisation it needs to bear responsibility and be answerable for failures in organisation and regulation. In its current form the GDC compounds its failings with impunity, passing the buck to us in the form of an outrageous ARF increase. This Medusa will simply grow a new head and be straight back in business. Time now for a total reorganisation.
Bruce Mayhew
Time for a complete rethink on how complaints are dealt with.
Mr Moyes and Ms Gilvarry should be sacked with no compensation

Chris Borne
Out of control Quango
If Moyes and Gilvarry have an ounce of integrity left they should both offer their resignations now. The GDC needs its own Standards document /Scope of Practice and comply to it. What a shambles they embarrassment to our Profession.

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