ITV Daybreak uses GDPUK survey

ITV Daybreak used GDPUK members for a survey into their follow up to the "Big Lie" letter in the Daily Telegraph. Given a short deadline, more than 340 NHS dentists completed the online questions. Those respondents are all members of the GDPUK forum. The survey is expected to find its way into the national media over the next few days.

The campaign, orchestrated by Haworth dentist Dr Tony Kilcoyne BDS, highlights the effects of the present NHS dental contract, imposed on dentists in 2006. Patients are disadvantaged by a poor system and the dental profession is trying to ensure the public knows it is the contract for dental services produced, implemented and championed by the Department of Health.

The survey results featured by the programme:

92% of those answering the survey answered yes to this question:

"On a national scale, do you think the target driven system has led to more people having teeth extracted?"

55% of respondents felt they could carry out more thorough checks if not restricted by the target driven system.

93% of the group who completed this online survey felt that dental patients in England and Wales would get better treatment if this was not affected by the target based NHS general dental system.

For GDPUK members, this subject has been discussed for some months, and the results of this TV coverage are being discussed at

It is free for dental professionals to register for the GDPUK forum. Read the reaction to the survey and Tony Kilcoyne's appearance on ITV Daybreak on 16th January 2014 by following this link.

Letter in Daily Telegraph

Follow up article in Daily Telegraph

Website of Dr Tony Kilcoyne, Smile Specialist of Haworth, West Yorkshire

Jonny Jacobs
Published on ITV Website
The news has also been published by ITV website this morning.

Link here

ITV Player coverage to follow


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