GDC calls on CPD providers to ensure quality

GDC calls on CPD providers to ensure quality
The General Dental Council’s (GDC) consultation on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has highlighted some concerns about the quality of certain CPD on offer to dental professionals. The GDC is responding to concerns about CPD quality by calling on providers and the whole dental CPD industry to robustly quality assure their products and services and to develop industry-led standards.

The GDC has also advised registrants to make careful choices about the CPD they do.

 The GDC is calling on:

  • All who provide CPD for dental professionals to ensure they robustly quality assure their CPD products and services and have effective feedback mechanisms in place. Quality control is a current legal requirement of verifiable CPD;
  • The dental CPD industry to be proactive in working together to develop industry-led quality standards to give dental professionals, as CPD consumers, assurances about their products and services;
  • All registrants, as consumers of CPD, to make careful choices when investing time and money in CPD products and services and to obtain advance assurances as to the quality and value for money.

The GDC’s proposals for the future of CPD were supported by most respondents, including: 

  • 77.5% agreed with the introduction of annual mandatory CPD declarations
  • 87% agreed with maintaining a 5 year CPD cycle
  • 83% agreed with the proposed new minimum hours of CPD by professional group

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