Kilcoyne responds to allegations

Kilcoyne responds to allegations
Tony Kilcoyne has responded on GDPUK to a threatening solicitor’s letter from Dental CPD Pro. The company claimed that he had hacked into its Dental CPD Pro server and he is also responsible for an email attack on Rob Dyas. Kilcoyne vigourously denied both allegations. GDPUK is shocked that a company trying to engage with dentists has alienated so many colleagues already.

Tony Kilcoyne reports that the new CPD provider, Dental CPD Pro has been widely promoting itself recently, yet it makes unsubstantiated claims like it’s” the UK’s Largest & most popular CPD platform “before its app was even available for download from iTunes. ‘No wonder it has already had a complaint to the ASA that resulted in changes’, he says.

He also criticises the company for choosing a name very similar to the established and credible CPD provider, Pro Dental CPD, which has not licensed or consented to such use of a confusingly similar trading name.

Kilcoyne also reports that Dental CPD Pro has been ‘encouraging registrants to give up their eGDC log ins and passwords to their new experimental App’. The GDC has said that it is aware of ‘at least one website that has offered to log registrants’ CPD hours for them on eGDC, which would require registrants to provide their username and password.’ It warns:  ‘Giving a third party access to their eGDC account would allow sensitive personal information, such as bank details and telephone numbers, to be viewed.’

Kilcoyne then reports that it is alleged that Dental CPD Pro severely Spam-attacked the Pro Dental CPD owner, Derbyshire oral surgeon Rob Dyas, on the evening when the Dentistry Show ended, Saturday 2nd March, with thousands of emails, as recently reported on Rob Dyas' Facebook feed.

This incident resulted in Tony Kilcoyne receiving a solicitors letter on behalf of CEO Rajeev Shah, Dental CPD Services Ltd t/a Dental CPD Pro, stating that Tony Kilcoyne had hacked into the Dental CPD Pro server and Kilcoyne is responsible for this email attack on Rob Dyas.

Tony Kilcoyne, in his posting, says that these allegations are ‘entirely untrue’. He describes it an ‘an outrageous statement to make’ and says it is ‘ludicrous in the extreme’.


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