“STOP Illegal Whitening” debates at The Dentistry Show

“STOP Illegal Whitening” debates at The Dentistry Show
In response to reports that The Dentistry Show organisers have allowed an illegal whitening company to exhibit at this year’s Show, industry experts will come together to highlight the dangers of non-registered dental practitioners providing tooth whitening.


It was announced last week that a company that is involved in illegal whitening, will be allegedly exhibiting its whitening products and services, despite the fact that it does not employ a dentist or any dental registrants.

The debate entitled “STOP Illegal Whitening”, taking place on both days of The Dentistry Show, will see the following speakers:

  • Dr Payman Langroudi, Clinical Director of Enlighten Smiles
  • Dr Linda Greenwall, Chair of the British Dental Bleaching Society
  • Mhari Coxon, Phillips Oral Healthcare and Teeth Whitening Action Group.
  • Beverley Carlyle, Stamp Out Illegal Teeth Whitening
  • Tony Kilcoyne, Foundation Dentists Programme Director, University of Leeds; Clinical Director, 4everlearning; and Stamp Out Illegal Teeth Whitening
  • Ahmad "Gomez" Nouno, Black Swan Dental Spa, BACD committee member and Stamp Out Illegal Teeth Whitening
  • The latest brazen illegal activities of the beauty sector
  • A regulator update, and why is enforcement taking so long
  • What can dentists do to accelerate the enforcement process
  • Plus many other issues

Dr Langroudi said, “Regulators are working as fast as they can, but illegal whitening is still a regular occurrence at shopping malls, beauty salons, bridal fairs and now at a major dental exhibition. It’s important that the profession come together to highlight the risks to the public, and ultimately help to stamp out illegal whitening.”

The “STOP Illegal Whitening” debates take place at The Dentistry Show on:

Friday,   12.30, Piazza Suite 4
Saturday, 2.30, Piazza Suite 4


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