GDC given a better annual report

The Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) has given a qualified welcome to the changes initiated by the General Dental Council (GDC) over the past year. The report acknowledges that improvements have been made to its processes, especially in its fitness to practise function. But the CHRE sees little evidence of improved outcomes.

The CHRE says that during 2011/2012 the GDC has continued with its programme of modernisation across each of its regulatory functions. They will look for evidence of the improvements achieved during our next audit of the initial stages of the GDC’s fitness to practise process.

The GDC has met all except two of the Standards of Good Regulation during 2011/2012. The standards that have not been met relate to its fitness to practise function: specifically the timeliness of case progression, and the quality of fitness to practise decisions. The CHRE considers that evidence provided by the GDC indicates that the timeliness of its case progression is slowly improving, but that its performance does not yet reach the standard that it expects.

Finally the CHRE says it will shortly publish its advice to the Secretary of State for Health following its investigation into the allegations made by the former Chair of the GDC following her resignation.



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