Dental money must be spent on dentistry says Minister


The Welsh Government has told Local Health Boards (LHBs) that funding allocated for dentistry must not be diverted to fund any other type of healthcare. Health Minister Lesley Griffiths has written to LHB Chairs to remind them that budgets allocated for spending on general dental services should be used as intended, and that any underspends on these budgets should not be diverted to shore-up other services.

The letter expresses concerns that some LHBs are not maintaining improvements to dental services and that access for patients remains problematic in some areas. The BDA has welcomed this move and has also applauded the letter’s confirmation that the dental budget will remain ring-fenced until at least March 2014-15.

They also welcomed the renewal of a commitment to develop Community Dental Services in Wales to help with the aim of ensuring vulnerable patients have access to appropriate care. The letter notes the lack of investment in CDS services in deprived areas and the responsibility LHBs hold providing or securing services for society’s most vulnerable groups.


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