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Previously on this very blog, I have written about the power of storytelling but how we use stories and imagery are still incredibly important when we get up in front of an audience.

If you want people to remember what you say, tell a story. Paint a big visual picture. Don’t just say you deliver great customer service, find a surprising or funny story about how you delivered amazing customer service. Link it to our emotions.

This evening is the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur, which is a 25 hour fast that commences at sunset. The central themes of the day are atonement and repentance. At certain points of the service (both tonight and tomorrow) there will be a sermon from the Rabbi or Minister of the Synagogue. At every synagogue around the world there will be similar themes. From experience of some bad sermons over the years, those that keep the attention of the audience will involve a number of stories that can be linked together to form an overall message that the speaker wants to get over to their audience or congregation. If parts of the biblical texts or transcripts are just read out then people will just switch off. Stories will keep the hungry audience, entertained and engaged!

Groups don’t need more facts. We definitely need more stories – especially good ones.

So with 4 weeks to go to the GDPUK Conference, I want to remind you that all our speakers on the day will have excellent stories to tell, that we believe will keep you engaged and interested. The conference promises to be slightly different to a normal day at a dental conference. Why not come along and join us. We look forward to seeing you on the 4th of November. There will be plenty of chance on the day....for us all to share our stories.

Thanks for reading :)


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Make Your Aspirations Your Reality!

Make Your Aspirations Your Reality!


Becoming a successful dentist can unlock many benefits, such as financial freedom and more spare time to share with family and friends. At Tipton Training dentists have to opportunity to learn more and become more experienced in different fields of their dentistry career.

Tipton Training has been sharing its wisdom with dentists for over 25 years now, during this time many dentists have taken the opportunity to take on The Restorative Course. One of the recent delegates to take this course was award-winning Anna Stokes, who believes doing so was one of the best decisions she has ever made.

“I qualified with BDS (hons) in 1999 from Sheffield Dental School and have worked as an associate in NHS general practices for 16 years. I have friends who have completed Tipton Training courses and they were all excelling in their careers, so last year I decided to register for the Restorative Course,” explains Anna.

“Over the years, I have noticed an increased interest in cosmetic work. Patients are also very keen to keep their teeth - and frequently presented worn and broken teeth that had no obvious cause. I was finding managing these heavily restored, ageing dentitions more and more challenging.

“Also, I was wanting to offer a wider range of treatments to my patients by means of private options - but I was wanting to ensure that I had the necessary skill set to plan and provide an excellent standard of work.”

Anna goes on to say that The Restorative Course has increased her confidence and reinforced her ambition to go into private practice. She has particular praise for the training academy’s founder, Professor Paul Tipton.

“I must praise the whole Tipton Training team because the teaching, advice and support you receive is excellent. In particular, Paul’s passion for dentistry is infectious and his ability to communicate his extensive knowledge on occlusion and practical dentistry is invaluable. He gives you lots of tips that are transferable to both NHS and private dentistry,” adds Anna.

“Since completing the course my confidence, standards, diagnostic skills, communication skills and practical skills have improved immensely.”

“I have become interested in TMD diagnosis and management, a condition that is common and frequently misdiagnosed and I am wanting to expand my knowledge further in this area. I enjoyed The Restorative Course so much that I decided to enrol on The Phantom Head Course, as I felt they complemented each other. So far, I have certainly found it extremely useful.”

In Anna’s opinion, dentistry can be a stressful and isolating job, but also satisfying and rewarding if held to high standards. She believes Tipton Training courses help dentists do this.

“We are under more pressure to provide care to an extremely high standard, so we have to invest in ourselves to improve our skills and knowledge. This is why I cannot recommend Tipton Training courses enough, I believe they should be a prerequisite for every dentist. I certainly wish that I had done them years ago.”

The Restorative Course is a is a step-by-step programme in the form of practical sessions, lectures and demonstrations - delivering the foundation for private dentistry. The course will take delegates through the theoretical, scientific and engineering principles behind restorative dentistry - a perfect balance of 60% theoretical and 40% practical.

This course is available in London and Manchester. The course starts in October 2015, to register for The Restorative Course, please visit or call +44 (0)161 348 7848 to book a place.


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