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“A superb course”


Providing an in-depth educational pathway with multiple courses, the IAS Academy is dedicated to training GDP’s on the full range of orthodontic options, including the ClearSmile Brace.


Having previously completed training in several different appliances, Raoul Patel had been looking to build a foundation in orthodontics. 


“Wanting to build my skillset, I undertook ClearSmile Brace training to add a new, safe, discreet and gentle appliance to effectively treat more of my patients,” says Raoul, who took the conversion course last April in London. 


“The course I attended was excellent. It didn't waste any time going over basics, but focused more on diagnostics and the concept of anterior alignment orthodontics instead. 


“The instruction during the training was very clear and because you need approval before beginning a case, the IAS Academy provides you with a sense of mentorship and support which is ultimately invaluable. 


“If you are a GDP wanting to expand your orthodontic foundation, I would definitely recommend this course.”


To find out how you can develop your orthodontic skill-set using a fixed brace appliance, contact the IAS Academy today. 



 For more information on the ClearSmile Brace and upcoming training courses,
please visit or call 0845 366 5477.

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Variation without compromising principles - ClearSmile Brace from IAS Academy

Variation without compromising principles - ClearSmile Brace from IAS Academy

Dr. Gareth Hargreaves from Victoria Street Dental Practice in Cheshire was among the very first professionals to complete the hands-on training for the ClearSmile Brace, delivered by IAS Academy.


“I was already providing the Inman Aligner so the ClearSmile Brace was a logical step to offer a fixed system that would allow well-controlled 3D tooth movement, whilst maintaining all the same diagnostic and treatment planning principles I knew.

“I like the IAS Academy’s approach as it is firmly based upon correct diagnosis, treatment planning and informed consent, and the good support available offers peace of mind in an area of dentistry that is not without its detractors and increasing litigation.

“I thought the content, format and quality of the training course were all good. I left confident with my new skills and only weeks later, I am looking to bond up and start two cases in practice.

“I hope the ClearSmile Brace will provide more variation and interest to my working day, whilst giving patients the opportunity to achieve better smile aesthetics in a conservative way without needing to attend another practice.

“I would certainly recommend the ClearSmile Brace and training course from IAS Academy to other GDPs.”


For information on the IAS Academy, visit or call 0845 366 5477

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IAS Academy celebrate the launch of ClearSmile Brace

ClearSmile Braces - Clear Braces from IAS Academy

Friday 28th March was an exciting day for the team behind the IAS Academy, as it brought with it the launch of the very first hands-on training course for the ClearSmile Brace.

A select group of forward-thinking GDPs attended the two-day course, which was led by professionals at the forefront of anterior alignment orthodontics. ClearSmile Brace trainers Professor Ross Hobson, Anoop Maini, Nick Simon and Andrew Wallace were all in attendance of the inaugural course, as were Inman Aligner trainers from IAS Academy Tif Qureshi and James Russell.

About the innovative training course, delegate Geoff Stone from Bannockburn Dental Practice said:

“Having been an Inman Aligner provider for several years, I was looking to advance to a fixed system that involved labs within the UK. With the introduction of the IAS Academy, ClearSmile Brace and UK labs, this was a perfect opportunity for me to develop my orthodontic training with a team I trust.

“I really enjoyed the course – it was comprehensive, the format was excellent and the quality of instruction was first-class. Training provided the relevant skill set and knowledge with which to approach simple cases of adult anterior orthodontics, while also covering the limitations involved. I left confident to commence treating patients, knowing that there is a network of orthodontists and experienced dentists at the IAS Academy available to support me.”

Reiterating the calibre of the instruction and support provided, Dr. Greg Marshall from Bramcote Dental Practice commented:

“The two day course was of a very high standard. It was boosted by the presence of Professor Ross Hobson, a Consultant Orthodontist, who added to the content wherever necessary. The course improved and increased my knowledge of case selection and when referral elsewhere would be appropriate. The safeguard of mentoring prior to any treatment taking place is reassuring.”

Dr. Gareth Hargreaves from Victoria Street Dental Practice added:

“I like the IAS Academy’s approach as it's firmly based upon correct diagnosis, treatment planning and informed consent, and the good support available offers peace of mind in an area of dentistry that's not without its detractors and increasing litigation. I thought the content, format and quality of the training course were all good. I would certainly recommend the ClearSmile Brace and training course from IAS Academy to other GDPs.”

During the reception drinks in the evening of the first day, Tif thanked everyone for their time and efforts in organising the course, also thanking delegates for being a part of such an exciting new endeavour. Anoop went on to mark this as an occasion he was personally very proud of saying:

“This first ClearSmile Brace course is a very important moment for me in my career, and it is a milestone I am delighted to have reached. The process of designing the course and working with Ross Hobson has been enlightening and has completely changed the way I approach orthodontics.

“I have spent several years of my career fighting for GDPs performing orthodontics – some specialists still unfortunately believe that GDPs should not be offering any orthodontic treatments. To have someone like Ross, an orthodontic specialist, embrace our goals and help us achieve them is fantastic – he provided me with the vision, direction and the passion to change my philosophy. We are all looking forward to the future and we aim to build a network of mentors around the world, who can provide any support clinicians might need with cases. We want to raise the bar for modern GDP orthodontic training.”

As a further thank you to delegates, a raffle was organised and the lucky winner was awarded a Venus® Pearl PLT Masters Kit donated from Hereaus Kulzer.

Professor Ross Hobson, Specialist Orthodontist, later addressed delegates, highlighting the importance of adequate skill and experience in order to ensure ideal case selection and delivery of appropriate treatment:

“I love what I do and I am very passionate about dentistry. I feel that anyone can perform orthodontics, but it’s important that the right person does the right thing on the right patient at the right time. This guided learning programmed designed provides a comprehensive process. More importantly, it also enables you to explain to the patient what they need, whether you can deliver the treatment yourself or not. I look forward to working with this pathway for years to come.”

The guided learning pathway offered by IAS Academy has been created to prove an appropriate solution for general dentists looking to carry out orthodontics, from simple removables to comprehensive orthodontics. The ClearSmile Brace is an innovative aesthetic fixed appliance, now available in addition to the popular Inman Aligner and ClearSmile Aligners to resolve anterior alignment issues.

Each ClearSmile Brace course is a continuum and following completion of the initial hands-on training, delegates must submit five cases for evaluation in order to gain full certification. On-going advice and guidance is also available both from GDPs and specialist mentors via the online support, ensuring clinicians have all the tools they need to treat patients safely and effectively from their very first case, with emphasis on quality assurance. At the top of the pathway, IAS Academy also offers a ClearSmile Advanced course which spans over 13 months for those GDPs seeking more advanced, comprehensive orthodontic training to resolve complete malocclusions in children and adults.

For more information, go to, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0845 366 5477.


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