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Unique, convenient service | Zesty online booking service

Unique, convenient service | Zesty online booking service

CAP City Dental is a leading dental practice in Cannon Street, London run by Dr George Druttman, a highly skilled general and cosmetic dentist with specialist training in reconstructive dentistry. Last year Dr Druttman and practice manager, Egle Joel signed up to Zesty. Here they speak of their experience:


“As our clinic is based in the City of London and most of the patients are occupied in a busy office environment, we felt that the Zesty online booking service would be a unique and extremely convenient service for busy city professionals.

“From positive feedback our patients have provided we have learnt that the huge advantage of Zesty is the ability to book an appointment online, without making any phone calls. Patients find the system user-friendly and searching for a suitable dentist based in a convenient location is easy.

“We have been using Zesty for a year now; we gained our first booking in March 2014. It has been an exciting journey because as well as providing the modern facility of online booking to enhance our services, we have also enjoyed a surge of new patients particularly since Zesty began advertising the system at underground stations.

“We would definitely recommend Zesty to other practices because we feel happy and well supported with a truly wonderful service.”


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. visit or call 0203 771 7799 for more details

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The world is going mobile!

Things are changing in the website world, mobile websites are becoming increasingly important with Google placing an emphasis on websites having a mobile version. Users of mobile phones now expect a mobile version or an app for the business that makes their lives easier.

Over the last few years, there has been a huge growth in mobile apps, with large businesses having their own mobile app but things are now changing and evolving with smaller businesses now getting in on the act. It is now possible to have one for your dental practice. This seems a strange concept to some but there are a number of benefits that could really help your dental practice.

As we all know, everyone seems to be using their mobiles for the majority of tasks, with the average person in Britain, using their mobile for over 2 hours a day. Your patients will be no different.

The GDPUK Services team can now offer you the ability to have your own app custom built for your dental practice. Once it is built (usually takes approx 4 weeks) it will be made available on the Apple and Google Play Stores for download by your patients.

Below are five reasons an app could benefit your practice.

  1. Loyalty Scheme

With the loyalty scheme built into the app, all you have to do with an app is scan a code in the practice and the patient's loyalty card is automatically marked, they can then redeem a voucher when they reach a certain number. All this is done automatically. This will be a reason your patient will keep the app on their phone, they will feel like they are getting extra value / service from visiting their dentist.

  1. Presence

Having your own app is a great way of doing something different and innovative in your local area and will impress your patients. Having an app gives your patients a constant reminder of your presence in the community and that your practice can be seen as innovators.

  1. Engage with patients

Patients can message your practice directly from the app, they can request an appointment for specific items of treatment. They can also gain direct access from the app to your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as your blog or any other social media etc.


  1. Push Messaging

You can push messages directly to everyone who has it. Push messaging is free and has close to a 95% read rate which when you compare to an average open rate of just 20% for an email that practices send to patients.

  1. Referrals

With a mobile app your patients can refer you directly to their friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email or text. As we are all aware there is nothing more powerful than a personal referral for any business, for dentists personal recommendations / referrals often work brilliantly because they provide confidence to the potential new patient and also prove to your team and yourself that you are doing the right things. A number of referrals a month from the app will make the small investment in the app totally worth it.



For further information on the app and the costs involved please have a look at our new services website and specific page on the app. Links below. If you have any further questions please email us - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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