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GDC hearing – Counterfeit dental devices

GDC hearing – Counterfeit dental devices
The GDC has published details of a Fitness To Practice (FTP) hearing concerning the deliberate use of counterfeit dental devices to be held on 18 January 2016.
Through its award winning CSIDI campaign the BDIA has been working hard to raise the awareness of the dangers of counterfeit and non-compliant dental devices with its hard hitting press campaign over the last eighteen months. Acting hand in hand with the dental press the Association has repeatedly warned of the potential dangers to patients and to a professional’s registration that could result from the use of counterfeit and non-compliant dental devices.
Tony Reed, BDIA Executive Director, comments, “The forthcoming GDC hearing highlights the serious consequences of using counterfeit dental devices. It also raises concerns for those dentists who may have purchased from unreliable sources and reinforces the importance of purchasing from reputable suppliers.”
The BDIA continues to work closely with the profession and MHRA on its CSIDI activity.  The overall message of the initiative is very simple; substandard and counterfeit instruments and devices are potentially dangerous to patients and users and the BDIA recommends that all purchases, however small, are made from a reputable supplier and that all suspect instruments, devices and whitening products are reported to the appropriate authorities at the earliest opportunity. All reporting can be done via a simple, dedicated web page on the BDIA website at


Details of the forthcoming GDC hearing are available at:


Further details of the BDIA’s CSIDI activity can be found at:


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