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Lynn McCartin, a dental therapist working on HMS Nelson, came across the innovative products available from Waterpik International, Inc. at EuroPerio8.


“I thought the Water Flossers were well designed and efficient, offering an effective alternative for patients who don’t like using interdental brushes or string floss. I think the option of being able to add diluted mouthwash instead of water to the products will also prove beneficial for some patients’ gingival health.


“Due to the tolerable and easy to use design, I believe the Waterpik® Water Flossers are particularly suitable for perio patients, or those who are already motivated and desire optimal oral health.


“I was pleased to receive a free unit at EuroPerio8 – a few of my patients had already been using Waterpik® products and now I feel much more confident with them.”


Clinically proven to reduce bleeding and reverse the signs of gingivitis, Waterpik® Water Flossers are ideal for all of your patients, whether they require implants, crowns or bridges, or orthodontic treatment.


Find out how the innovations available could help your patients today.



For more information on Waterpik International, Inc. please visit www.waterpik.co.uk. Waterpik® products are available at Amazon, in 

Boots and at Superdrug stores across the UK and Ireland.

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Make It Easy On Yourself | Waterpik

Make It Easy On Yourself  |  Waterpik

A lot of research into the benefits of using Water Flosser as opposed to string floss has been conducted to date. Independent research studies have shown that the Water Flosser was up to 50% more effective at reversing gingivitis, up to 93% more effective for reducing bleeding and can remove 29% more plaque than string floss.[1],[2] It is also significantly more effective for implant and orthodontic patients who are more susceptible to developing gingival inflammation.[3],[4]


But, this research would mean nothing without the endorsement of professional hygienists who have a working knowledge of oral irrigation products. Michael Wheeler is a dental hygienist at Bramcote Dental Practice in Castle Cary and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Kent. When asked about the products available from Waterpik International, Inc. he said:

“I am a firm advocate of the Waterpik® Water Flosser – both for those patients who are having difficulties in maintaining oral hygiene with bridges or crowns, and those who already demonstrate good oral hygiene routines. The Water Flosser is a very effective product and is relatively easy to use, so it’s really beneficial for all. 

“A patient I’d been treating for several years recently highlighted this. She’d had a bridge fitted about 30 years previously and although her oral hygiene was exemplary, she expressed that the bridge caused her some difficulties, especially when it came to maintaining such a high level of oral hygiene. I suggested she incorporate one of the Water Flossers from Waterpik® into her daily cleansing routine, in an attempt to offer her a logical solution to these issues.

“The next time I saw her she was delighted with the results of the oral hygiene adjunct, stating: ‘It’s absolutely life-changing and the best thing I’ve ever used!’ Even I was slightly taken aback by the level of her enthusiasm, but it was great to hear!

“A second patient of mine, a reformed heavy smoker, also noticed an improvement in his oral hygiene with the use of a Water Flosser from Waterpik®.

“It just goes to prove with the right patient, even if their oral hygiene is beyond criticism, you can provide further motivation with the right product.”

Discover the many benefits of clinically proven solutions from Waterpik International, Inc. for yourself, and contact the team today.


For more information on Waterpik International, Inc. please visit www.waterpik.co.uk. Waterpik® products are available at Amazon, in

Boots and at Superdrug stores across the UK and Ireland.


[1] Barnes CM et al (2005) Comparison of irrigation to floss as an adjunct to tooth brushing: effect on bleeding, gingivitis, and supragingival plaque. J Clin Dent 16(3):71-7

[2] Goyal CR et al. Evaluation of the plaque removal efficacy of a water flosser compared to string floss in adults after a single use. J Clin Dent 2013; 24:37-42.

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Gums - are they pink?

Gums - are they pink?

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