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Help me with end of year spending.....

Help me with end of year spending.....


Below you will find an infograph we have created from a recent thread on GDPUK which was titled - help me with end of year spending....

The thread is still ongoing but we think it demonstrates the way our users use the site. They take advice from each other and peer reviews are therefore important. 
We are pleased buying decisions are formed via the forum, this shows the importance of opinions from peers and how we believe GDPUK is used to form decisions before making purchases.
The forum is now approaching nearly 270,000 posts, from just over 23,600 threads, so similar discussions to the one we have highlighted are taking place every day.
As you can see from the infograph below some of the items discussed are big purchases. Digital products are obviously the products that are at the top of “wish lists” but some affordable items also on the infograph. We hope you find the info and thread interesting and certainly extremely positive to see a buying thread with so many opinions and knowledge. 
Thanks for reading, we hope you have found the infograph and thread on the forum useful.
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