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Now Where DID I Put That Enthusiasm?

Now Where DID I Put That Enthusiasm?

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Julian Irving

Sad and angry.

I too qualified in 1984 and have had a love/hate relationship with dentistry throughout my career until I retired in 2017 because ... Read More
Tuesday, 11 August 2020 09:21
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Amazon Threat to the Supply Chain?

Amazon Threat to the Supply Chain?
A slightly US focused story but yesterday (6th December) an interesting report was released by Morgan Stanley.
The report by Morgan Stanley says Amazon isn't gunning for pharmacies or medical devices just yet. Instead, it's turning its attention to the dental supply business.
Should the traditional dental supply businesses (such as Henry Schein) be worried? 
Probably not just yet but I do believe that Amazon Business will be a force in the next ten years, supplying consumables, stationery, office supplies, food etc for all businesses both big and small. (not just dental)
How will this work?
If we take a dental practice as an example. The person who does the purchasing for the practice will have an amazon business account (many already do) and will start to buy dental consumables and even equipment on the amazon site. It will be convenient, familiar and reliable. This is definitely something to watch over the coming months / years in the US first and the UK won't be far behind.
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Further Info on Amazon Business UK
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