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No matter how good you are at delivering local anaesthesia, the chances are that your patients will still be very fearful of the procedure. Well, there’s a way round it! The Wand is a computer controlled anaesthetic delivery system that pushes the anaesthetic solution of your choice through a needle.  The rate and pressure of delivery is what allows you to get your anaesthetic to where it is needed without much of the traditional discomfort/pain that is associated with using a syringe.

The lightweight handpiece is a 15cm plastic tube that is held in a comfortable pen grip, providing an increase in tactile sensation and control. For the needle phobic patient, this will dispel all their preconceptions of dental treatment, but it would be a waste to limit its use to such a small group. All patients will be grateful for you minimising the discomfort of local analgesia. Most patients report to not actually feeling a thing when The Wand administers its magic!

The Wand is now distributed exclusively by Dental Sky.  To request a demo please call 0800 2944700 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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