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Discover the possibilities



The innovative On1 restorative concept from Nobel Biocare offers practitioners novel treatment options to optimize implant placement and restoration.


Raising the connection for restorative components from bone to tissue level, the On1 Base remains in position from placement to finalization, providing undisturbed soft tissue healing. Furthermore, with two height options available, there is the flexibility to change the On1 Base should the thickness of the soft tissue require it in the short or long-term.


From here, the On1 Healing Cap or On1 Temporary Abutment can be connected to the base. Both support the intraoral scanning approach, which facilitates conventional impression-taking procedures for maximum accuracy and precision.


The On1 concept can be used with three different conical connection implant systems: NobelActive, NobelParallel and NobelReplace, which provides outstanding surgical flexibility and ease of use. For the restorative dentist, the On1 Base allows for an improved patient experience, as well as simplifying the placement of restorative components due to the tissue level base.


Discover today how the On1 concept from Nobel Biocare can help you achieve exceptional results for your patients.


For more information, contact Nobel Biocare on 0208 756 3300, or visit

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