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Dentists are Pussycats

Dentists are Pussycats

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Dental Team

There is a large team of dental professional volunteers here at the Olympic Polyclinic, so it is always nice to work with different people and also discover a GDPUK lurker in our midst too, which I threatened to post the picture of him working if he didn't make a GDPUK posting today :)
We are still seeing some unusual cases too - what do you say/do to someone who complains of pain and bleeding gums under their bridge, which in this case has metal abutments on an upper lateral and second premolar, with pontics replacing the canine and first premolar with a ridge-lapping design?


We are all mucking in together here and don't mind wondering in and out of each other's surgery, giving second opinions etc, because realistically some of these treatments can be completed before the Olympics finish, but in many mouths not all the care they ideally need.
With Ramadan we are also finding many patients attending for often complex treatments late in the evening, which when you've done a long shift already, having someone turn up for surgical extractions at 11pm at night isn't really the ideal, but we accomodate the Atheletes and team members needs as best we can.

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Barry Rosenbloom
Nice picture Hitesh Not so sure whether the id badge hanging round your neck complies with cross infection control though !!!... Read More
Saturday, 04 August 2012 09:46
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Olympic Medical Centre


I was fortunate to be selected to help to provide dental treatment for Olympians from all over the world at the Olympic village, starting this week as the atheletes begin to arrive from all over the world and take residence in the Olympic Village.
I am based in the Medical Centre right in the residential area for the Atheletes which, I'm sure you can appreciate, has the highest security which we jokingly say is to mainly keep the press out, not just the Terrorists :D
It is a sanctuary for them and provides for all their needs, from shops , laundry and the biggest catering area I've ever seen with chefs from all over the World cooking specific meals for many different tastes, to our Medical Centre which is one of the most advanced in the World.
We have 8 Dental Surgeries, onsite Lab, a team of Specialists, Dentists, Hygienists, Nurses and Technicians in our section, plus Optometry, Physio, Pharmacy, GP, Surgery , A+E, 2 MRI scanners and one CT scanner, Hydrotherapy pool etc. and the busiest dept. of all, Anti-Doping section !
My sessions tend to be very long ones, 6am to 3.30pm or 2.30pm to 11.30pm with occasional on-call between the two as required. We can also be called upon to help with other Depts. too, including the Anti-doping which is continuous.
There are some days off, it has been a slower start-up this week which has been very useful to get used to the new systems and of course there is much paperwork involved for clinical records, Olympic organisation records, we are doing some research regarding tooth erosion problems in atheletes and of course we are constantly doing the dentistry often using interpreter services for every language you can think of!
I will post occasional pictures, updates and observations on here over the next 3 weeks where time, security and rules allow, but whatever negativity you may be seeing in the press currently, the atmosphere here is SO positive and friendly , yet serious and focussed, it really is a unique experience and I feel very privaleged to be a part of it.
Hopefully I can share some of the highlights and ordinary experiences of this with you on here also, to contrast with what is reported on the TV etc.
Cheers for now,
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