“38% of 12 year olds have signs of tooth wear.”*¹ You can help!

“38% of 12 year olds have signs of tooth wear.”*¹ You can help!


“38% of 12 year olds have signs of tooth wear.”*¹ You can help!

According to the Children’s Dental Health Survey 2013 “up to 57% of 5 year olds and up to 38% of 12 year olds have signs of tooth surface loss on the incisors.”*¹ Now that your young patients are going back to school, their lunchboxes may include acidic fruits, fruit juices and fizzy drinks which can lead to enamel softening and tooth wear. The enamel of their adult teeth has to last the rest of their life. And once enamel is gone it’s gone for good.

How can you protect your young patients’ enamel?  

Pronamel® for Children toothpaste has been developed with dental experts to help provide daily protection from the effects of erosive tooth wear and decay.

-          Optimised fluoride formulation with 1450 ppm fluoride to help re-harden acid-softened enamel

-          Low abrasivity to be gentle on softened enamel

-          Neutral pH and SLS free

The online CPD module, developed by GSK, gives you the opportunity to find out more about how to identify tooth wear using the BEWE tool. Simply visit to complete the module today!

Pronamel® has worked with leading dental experts in the field of tooth wear to develop a range of products specifically designed to help protect against the effects of erosive tooth wear,2 such as Pronamel® for Children.





Recommend Pronamel® for Children to provide daily protection against erosive tooth wear and decay.


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  2. Final Minutes from the Expert Panel Meeting to Discuss Toothwear/Erosion

in Children. GSK Data on File. 2007


*Refers to the lingual surface of the incisor only

Trade Marks are owned by or licensed to the GSK group of companies.


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